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Come and escape the hustle of the city! Surrounded by wilderness, animals, and the traditional way of life, you will be wonderstruck by this authentic once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the forest, at the most traditional reindeer farm surrounded by a peaceful lake, you will meet the most iconic animal in Lapland!

At the beginning of your tour, the herder will welcome you and explain the course of your visit. After that, you will finally meet the reindeer and have an opportunity to feed them with their most fabulous meal! The first time I saw them, I was speechless, as they are so magical that you will not be able to move an inch.

Let’s give the reindeer their favourite food!

We start by spreading the pellets over the surrounding forest, so these magnificent animals can eat as they please. Then you can stay with them as long as you want. But be careful, as they are very shy animals that avoid physical contact. I had the chance to pet one of them, the most daring of all!


Without forgetting their little treat…

After a while, you will have the opportunity to give the reindeer their favourite treat – lichen. They love it – it’s like chocolate for them! And don’t worry, there is no risk of biting – reindeer only have little teeth down there. I loved to feed them with this meal, and I was really in awe of them!

During the summer, the reindeer start to grow their antlers, and they also give the impression of being very sweet. It’s a time of the year when they can be left free in the wild, so there are not many reindeer at the farm compared to the winter. But don’t worry, you’ll see many reindeer!

In the middle of the wilderness...

A fire, cookies and drinks, what could be better?

Now, it’s time to come and warm up around a fire, really cosy. You can then rest in a typical tent, and enjoy some traditional Finnish cookies and drinks. You will be able to dive into the local way of life!

When everyone finds comfort in the soothing calm, the herder will answer all your questions and share their passion with you. Thanks to this, I could learn a lot about these fascinating animals. I am sure that you will be enriched too!

Relaxing around the fire...

To sum it up, visiting the reindeer farm is a unique experience – all photos, videos, and little moments will be engraved in your memories forever! Enjoy it with Wild About Lapland!

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