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Northern Lights, Sleigh Rides, skiing, ice fishing – Finnish Lapland is definitely a winter destination. But it’s far more than that. Lapland is worth a visit in Summer/Autumn as well! Let me show you the best things to do and places to go in Rovaniemi in Summer.

There is a lot to see and do in and around Rovaniemi in the summer months. In this blog you will find out more about the following:

  • Experiencing the Midnight Sun – a natural phenomenon in the Arctic.
  • Being active in Lapland’s nature while canoeing or hiking.
  • Getting close to arctic animals such as Reindeer, Husky and bears.
  • Trying Rock Climbing and having a nice day outdoors.
  • Meeting Santa Claus at Santa Claus Village and getting the Christmas feeling in summer.
  • Learning more about culture in Lapland, on your own or during one of our canoe trips.

So let’s get started!


1. The Midnight Sun

It’s the time of the year when the sun never sets, it shines all day long. This is called the midnight sun, a natural phenomenon that occurs north of the Arctic Circle. In June/July the sun remains visible at all times! But the number of days with midnight sun depends on where you are. It increases the closer you get to the pole.

You can enjoy the Midnight Sun in many different ways. We offer trips to a nice lookout point in our Midnight Sun Delight tour. If you like it more sportive, you can join us for a Midnight Sun Wilderness hike or a Canoeing trip under the Midnight Sun.

Wild About Lapland - Midnight Sun (2) midnight-sun-rovaniemi-lapland-finland


2. Lapland’s nature

Enjoy what Lapland’s nature has to offer in the Summer months! Spring and Summer is the liveliest part of the year in the Taiga forest. You can enjoy the smell of freshly grown flowers, the taste of delicious fruits like blueberries, lingonberries and cloudberries and the warmth of the sun. In Autumn, you can not only find mushrooms, but can enjoy as well the intense colors of the trees, that are displaying different shades of yellow, orange and/or red.

Try out one of our Wilderness Survival hikes where we teach you about nature and basic survival hacks like making a fire with flint and steel. We take you outside of Rovaniemi and straight into the Taiga forest. We will also tell you more about Arctic animals and keep our eyes open for wildlife and/or tracks from lynxes, bears, reindeers, wolves, … Check out our Youtube video!

You may also like one of our Canoe trips where you will get to see more of the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Canoeing is a perfect and the most relaxing way to discover Lapland in summer. While canoeing you can experience the peacefulness and beauty of nature.

Wild About Lapland Canoe (2) Wilderness Hike Summer Wilderness Hike Summer


3. Arctic animals

There are a lot of animals living in the Arctic which you can see during a trip to the Ranua Wildlife park. You will see over 50 different species including wolves, polar bears, brown bears, lynxes, moose and many more. We combine this trip with a visit to one of the most traditional Reindeer Farms in Lapland. Because this way, you will learn more about the most iconic animal of Lapland and tour around the farm. This allows you to experience the lifestyle of reindeer herders before seeing more Arctic animals in the zoo.

You can also choose to combine a Reindeer Farm visit with a Canoe trip. This way you get to experience two summer must-dos in one. Check out our Youtube Video to get some impressions from the trip.

Another must-do activity while visiting Rovaniemi is visiting a Husky Farm because summer time is the time when they have puppies! Come and cuddle with these little cuties and learn more about the farm and their dogs.

You can also get close to one of the biggest animals in the Arctic: the brown bear. Seeing these amazing creatures during one of our bear-watching trips is a one-in-a-lifetime experience! The bear-lookout-cabin that we go to is perfect because it is in the middle of the wilderness. You will be surrounded only by nature and by wild bears. Our Arctic Animals Immersion trip combines this stunning experience with a reindeer farm visit, a trip to Auttiköngäs and an optional stop at the Ranua Zoo.

reindeer farm visit Husky Farm Summer Bear watching summer


4. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a new and adventures summer activity that you must try! Especially in autumn, with amazing colors, super fresh air and no mosquitos, you should definitely take the chance. The challenges that Rock Climbing provides are what makes it so famous and almost everyone who tries it falls in love with this outdoor activity

Check out our Youtube video to get a first impression of what to expect.

Rock Climbing Rock Climbing Rock Climbing


5. Santa Claus Village

Yes, you can visit Santa Claus Village in summer. It is open all year round and offers its visitors the possibility to meet Santa Claus daily. You can also shop in the numerous souvenir shops at Santa Claus Village, meet the Huskies at Husky Park, see Santa’s reindeer and visit Elves Farm Yard.

And in Summer, you will probably not have to deal with thousands of tourists. As winter, and especially Christmas, is the main season at Santa Claus Village, there are not so many visitors during the summer months.

Santa Claus Visit


6. Culture

In Rovaniemi, you will find a lot of possibilities to spend time outdoors. Weather it is joining a guided tour or doing things on your own, you have the choice. If the weather is really hot, you can cool off at the beach, swimming in one of the numerous lakes or join one of our canoe trips, who knows, maybe you overturn? 😉

You can also visit the Huima Activity Park or learn more about Lapland in the Arktikum. We also offer a Cultural Canoe trip where you will get to know Rovaniemi’s different tourist attractions and visit the Local Heritage Museum. The museum allows you to travel back in time and learn more about traditional lifestyles in Lapland.

There are also many events taking place in Rovaniemi, like the Simrock Festival, the Rock in the City Festival or the moving amusement park Tivoli.

cultural canoe trip cultural canoe trip


So, what are you waiting for? Take the chance to experience Rovaniemi and the Finnish Lapland in Summer! Join one of our tours or contact us for more information, we are happy to answer all your questions.

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